Monday, December 12, 2005

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
- Plato


Anonymous Dennis Freire said...

Dear Ms. Scranton:

I have a son in the Army. He enlisted at 18 after his first semester of college. He has a 6-year active duty commitment. He is a Combat Documentarian (videographer, photographer and video editor).

The War Tapes is awesome. Your idea of going beyond embedded reporting (outside looking in) to soldier reporting (particularly the hot wash concept) is brilliant. Well conceived, excellently done.

I've been invited to teach an honors class at Southern Utah University Thursday, Oct. 2 and Tuesday, Oct. 7 (90 minutes each).

Student's preparation is to view the video of your TED Talk, view the outtakes and clips at and images i've put together at

Students come to class Thursday the 2nd with a writing assignment due discussing an aspect of your TED Talk.

I will give a multi-media presentation/lecture I have titled "The Language of War: Mass Perception & Private Emotion" on the 2nd and lead discussion; on the 7th the students self-direct their own discussion. I will act as facilitator.

I have asked the students to register their reactions to your TED Talk (which means their reaction to The War Tapes) on a single-question poll at

I wanted you to see this and understand the ripple effect of The War Tapes and your TED Talk. Conversations, though sometimes difficult as you said, are happening.

Thank you.

Dennis Freire
dennisfreire at gmail dot com

25 September, 2008 18:02  

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